sábado, 31 de dezembro de 2022

The delicate relationship between user interface and user experience

The interface (or user interface) is a space for the user experience to happen. Visually - paraphrasing UX designer Jennifer Aldritch (@jma245) we have a user/player on one side and a game (digital or analogue) with an interface on the other. When that user interacts with the interface, they have a user experience – which, of course, we will strive to make outstanding, good, memorable, and engaging.

Perhaps, your game's interface will be radically different from what was initially imagined in sketches or wireframes. The various iterations of a given project can reconfigure it into something entirely different. The important thing is that the dialogue process with your audience comes first.

The game Angry Birds, for instance, is a blockbuster mainly because a large part of humanity knows how to use a slingshot and already has prior knowledge of how to use the touch feature on a screen – there is perfect communication with the public that seeks a fast casual experience.

The character creation interface from Elden Ring's game may, perhaps, scare someone looking for a casual experience, but it is quite suitable for the audience that seeks to venture into Souls-like games.

Knowing your audience to create a better experience, that's the mantra for thinking UX in games (or any other area).


quinta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2022

My list of the top 10 videogames I played this year!

Here it is! A small list full of epic games!


2.Source of Madness

3.TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge

4.A Short Hike


6.Cult of the Lamb


8.Elden Ring