domingo, 26 de novembro de 2017

GAME ON 2017

In December 9th I'll be in Buenos Aires (Argentina) talking about my new mobile game MIND ALONE (that I created with Sioux Studio). The presentation will happen at the event GAME ON - one festival focused on experimental and artistic games. Below you can check the reel with some games (mine included):

Below, my presentation's flyer.

As soon as possible I'll share the content from my presentation here.


domingo, 19 de novembro de 2017

Immersing deeply in gameplay through sound

From time to time, I like to replay games so I can have new points of view and (re) discover aspects and elements of game design, gameplay, narrative or creative process. Last weekend, checking my Apple Cloud to verify some old downloads, I found this very unique game: Dark Echo.

Created by RAC7 Studio the game offers an experience to “explore a mysterious world through sound”. And “sound” is the core and keyword of this game. Using only a black interface with minimal white sound waves ricocheting around the scenario, the player is invited to explore a kind of a dungeon filled with monsters. Check the gameplay:

It operates by touching the screen to walk and generate the sound waves. The important detail is the fact that the sounds of your steps will attract terrible “monsters” (again, you will only hear the creatures’ grunts) and sometimes you need to run into the darkness. Anxiety is an important game design component in this example. The whole game is based in it, and all fear/horror/terror reactions derive from it.

Sound is strategically built in this case, the perfect blend between the minimal interface and the sounding experience. This is a great example of how we can construct a game using few elements to create big impact.