sexta-feira, 15 de julho de 2022

I visited Ubisoft’s creative studio in Toronto, and it was awesome!

As a game designer and also as a gaming reseacher, part of my job is to talk with the gaming market/industry. When I travel abroad, I always try to talk with some studio or publisher (like in this case in Poland).

Well, last week I was in Toronto (Canada) and had the opportunitty to visit Ubisoft’s creative studio! Guided by Justin Del Giudice I had a complete tour in the building ending in the awesome motion capture studio.

One more for the curriculum! A day full of knowledge, perceptions, and ideas about the present and future of this market!

Thanks Maitê Lorente and Jonnhy Guerra for the contact!

Level up!


An ancient D30

I found this strange artifact in the Real Ontario Museum in Toronto (Canada). It is an asian 30 faced dice. There is no more information about it, but it is an authentic piece of ludic archeology. =)