segunda-feira, 3 de maio de 2021

Independent games with a hint of seriousness

Last month, I experienced a happy coincidence. I occasionally downloaded two indie games without knowing much about them, and, suddenly, I found out both were developed based on the same theme: aging, memory loss and dementia.

I’m talking about HEAL and BEFORE I FORGET. The first one is an intricate puzzle game with a beautiful narrative about an old man searching for some distant memories of a love he had, that has already died; the second one is a game about a woman suffering from dementia visiting some echoes from her past with her husband. Check both trailers below:

Both games are excellent examples of how we can bring a discussion about serious subjects to the gaming universe and how we can make the audience think beyond mainstream themes.

Another great example is THAT DRAGON, CANCER, a moving story about the loss of a baby by a tragic disease.

All these titles are clear examples of how we can touch the audience with delicate themes and put people to think in a serious way using ludic language. One more subject to highlight in the discussion of how games become an important media in contemporary times.