terça-feira, 9 de setembro de 2014

A new way to play a memory game

Last year I wrote a post about the importance of recreate gaming mechanics using my card game Álmok as an example. Just to recap, the game used as an example in this post uses the classical mechanics of a memory game with special powers and new card moves (click here to read the content).

Few weeks ago, I was talking about causal games with my friend Terence Reis and he showed me a great mobile app that also recreates the game mechanics of memory: Dizzy Fruit.

Dizzy Fruit is a linear memory game. The interface is very simple and it only shows a drawing of a fruit; the challenge is to say if the next fruit is the same or different than the previous. The more you advance, the faster the game becomes. Check the gameplay below:

Dizzy Fruit is another good example of how we can reinvent a new game using a classic framework. As Juul says (2010, p.2), we are living a “moment in which the simplicity of early video games is being rediscovered”.

Go Gamers!


JUUL, Jesper. A casual revolution. Cambridge: The MIT Press, 2010.

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