terça-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2014

Freemium gameplay loop

We already have spoken of this subject here and here, but it's always good to reinforce some ideas.

"A freemium game is one that you can play, for free, for an unlimited time, but that also offers advantages to players that spend some cash on premium items. These items could be magic spells, higher character stats, more health points, secret characters, or special weapons. They could even be purely aesthetic items, like hats, that just customize your in-game avatar and offer no benefit beyond that".

"Unlike a shareware game, a freemium game doesn't require you to buy anything, ever; you can play it normally without spending a penny, but to really get everything out of the game you'll have to pay. Freemium game designers need to define a clear line between the free and paid. This line needs to be thin; the free items must be great enough to let the player have fun and slowly turn into an addict, while the paid items must be desirable without offering too great an advantage to those players who spend their cash".

Source: Tuts+ (Game Development)

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