domingo, 25 de setembro de 2011

A little bit of ADVERGAMES

Advergame is "advertise" + "game". It´s a kind of strategy for marketing communication that uses games, mainly electronic, to advertise brands and products. That includes a large range that goes from games that are developed specifically for advertising purposes, to common games that have ads in its interface.

The internet and the video game consoles are great environments to use this strategy. Mobile media (cellphones, iPads, iPhones) are already being tested by companies that chose this marketing strategy too.

When we are talking about advergames it´s important to highlight two main concepts: in-game advertising and product placement.

IN-GAME ADVERTISING: it's just a replica of the real world ad brought into the virtual world, using banners, posters, radio spots and billboards. SSX3, the snowboarding game from Electronic Arts, shows Honda and Seven-Up billboards.

PRODUCT-PLACEMENT: it's about putting the product into the game context. The characters in the game Devil May Cry wear Diesel pants. In Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow" the character uses a Sony Ericsson p900 smartphone to solve missions, the player literally lives the virtual experience of using the device. In Worms 3D, from SEGA, the characters drink Red Bull in order to jump higher.

So, game could be publicity/promotion. Could be a brand experience. Could be an advertising space for companies. Now on to your opinion!

4 comentários:

  1. Advertising in games is a deal that pleases everyone. To the company making the ad, it gives a great visibility and provides an interaction between the consumer and the company. The ads make the Game Industry more profitable, ensuring good economical health to the producers and the point that is, perhaps, the most important: it gives more immersion to the gamer. All game producers are trying to make the game worlds more credible and more like the real world, and what's realer than a world full of ads?

  2. I really enjoy games and those advertise, but do them worth (thinking as a company). Let's consider the phone used in the game (Sony Ericsson): don't you think that, in few days, Sony will develop a better Smartphone and, then, the one used in the game will be "old"???

    I not saying to not use it, but my question is: how can companies gain in this new world??? Also, do we have "success criteria" to make a good advertise in games result in higher ROI???

    Now, thinking about the other side (game producers): what are the measures used to define the cost of the advertise??? In my opinion, this idea of "your product will be shown when your consumer is interacting and inside the game" won't work for long period. I believe that games producers have to think about it and re-invent a way to measure results.

    PS: sorry for my late answer, but only now I was able to post my comment!!! Excellent Job Vince!!!

  3. I think companies and producers need to work together to develo better solutions. It's important to reach good ideas beyond the "the player will interact with your brand".

    Thanks for the colaboration, Ignite!

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