terça-feira, 27 de novembro de 2012

The games of tomorrow needs answers that last

By Vince

Two weeks ago I was in Europe visiting some universities and making contacts for my future doctorate. I visited the University of Antwerpen (Belgium) to have a talk with Dr. Karolien Poels, and the IT University of Copenhagen (Denmark) to talk with Dr. Espen Aarseth.

I presented some highlights about Brazilian ludic interfaces to the researchers (you can see the files on THIS LINK). Both conversations were awesome and I got a lot of new good references for my research in the field of game design and gaming concepts. It’s very good to listen to the ideas of great minds from this area.

Nevertheless, I reached a conclusion after these two meetings: it’s important to discuss the impacts of the game culture in the contemporary world and understand those consequences for the future. We – from the gaming research field – need to be somewhat clairevoyant to identify the answers that will help us in the future. The games of tomorrow need answers that last.

A broad viewn is required to understand the game, the player, the gaming culture, the language and all things related to this subject. We need researches that give us a horizon to work better and create more accurate experiences.

Technology is an important piece in this context, but it is nothing without relevant content.

The game is only in the beginning. Let’s keep on rockin. Let’s undertand this wide world of possibilities. Let’s make good researches.

May the force be with us.

Go gamers!

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